Monday, October 29, 2012

Wrangle Big Data with Loggly Cloud-based Log Management Service

In this podcast, Loggly CEO Charlie Oppenheimer describes why the company is the world's most popular cloud-based Log Management Service.
Loggly has a rich set of features that makes log management fun and easy, and being 100% cloud-based means our focus in on scale and speed so you can focus on your application not hosting and hardware. While demand for storing all those logs is accelerating along with all the data being generated, the technology behind the storage and processing of data also continues to accelerate. Within a few months time, the technology we are developing at Loggly will provide companies a way to peek into these large volumes of log data – where they couldn’t before – and allow them to see exactly what their users are doing with all that big data.
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Samplify APAX Compression Lowers Cost of Big Science

In this podcast, Samplify CEO Alan Evans presents: APAX: Lowering the Cost of Big Science, Big Data, and Cloud Computing.
Multi-core CPUs are hitting the memory wall,” said Al Wegener, CTO and founder of Samplify. “With each new process node, the number of processor cores on a die can double with Moore’s Law, but the throughput of memory, I/O, and storage fails to keep up with this growth. Hence, the performance of multi-core applications is increasingly memory, I/O, and storage bound. APAX is the only solution that accelerates the throughput DDRx, SAS/SATA, SSD, PCIe, Ethernet, and Infiniband, by up to six times.”
Samplify will demonstrate the APAX profiler and hardware IP at the SC12 conference in booth #4151. Read the Full Story * Download the MP3 * Download the slides (PDF)Subscribe on iTunes * If Dropbox is blocked, download audio from Google Drive.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

RF-HPC Ep13 Melting Amazon's Glacier

In this podcast, a sleep-deprived, rage-fueled Henry Newman assails Glacier, Amazon's cloud archive and backup offering. Amazon is pitching Glacier as a solution for customers who don't need frequent access to their data and can handle retrieval times of several hours. The big enticements are low, low cost -- as little as a penny per gigabyte per month -- and durability. Dan and Henry weed through each facet of Amazon's marketing claims and -- well -- rip each one to shreds. Henry thinks this is aimed at the unsuspecting/unfortunate home or small business consumer, as anyone with technology expertise will run far, far away from Glacier. Dan compares it to the "Roach Motel" of storage: once you're in, you can never get out. And don't even get them started on the definition of "durable." Download the MP3 * Download the video * Subscribe on iTunes * RSS Feed

Saturday, October 13, 2012

RF HPC Ep12 Tracking Backlash and Big Data

In this podcast, our hosts agree that "software is not magic" and consumers don't want to be tracked. Will there be a backlash? Will this be the new marketing point for competing browsers? Dan admits to being creeped out by email offers that result from Internet searches... Rich reveals that he is besieged by ads for smokers (the kind for cooking critters)... and the Profound Thought of the Day comes from Henry. Download the MP3 * Download the video * Subscribe on iTunes * RSS Feed

RF HPC Ep 11 Rich Goes to OSCON

At OSCON, or the Open Source Convention, a presentation on the "Clothesline Paradox" aptly illustrated the way developers create value. Many large companies such as Comcast make a living on open-source software. In this podcast, Dan digresses into a string of complaints about his Comcast bill, but Henry and Rich reel in the discussion: was the Internet created out of generosity, or enlightened self-interest? And we hear again from one of our sponsors: Glade 'Data Center Edition' air fresheners. Download the MP3 * Download the video * Subscribe on iTunes * RSS Feed

RF HPC Ep10 Exascale Challenge Power

Power is a major challenge standing in the way of the Exascale computing. While the target is to consume 20 MW or less for an exascale machine, current technology trends will not take us there by 2018. In this podcast, the Radio Free HPC team discusses why this is such a tough challenge, where such a system might need to be hosted, and types of infrastructure that will need to be considered. Along the way, you'll hear scary "power" music and figure out how this all relates to Mad Max, lasers, unicorns, and Planet of the Apes. Download the MP3Download the VideoSubscribe on iTunesRSS Feed

RF HPC Ep 9 Remembering Allan Snavely, HPC Visionary

This podcast is devoted to Allan Snavely, CTO of Lawrence Livermore National Lab, who passed away unexpectedly in July 2012. He was widely known as a brilliant scientist and innovator, and for his work at SDSC on the Gordon supercomputer. Allan will be greatly missed by his many friends and the entire HPC community. Download the MP3 * Download the video * Subscribe on iTunes * RSS Feed

RF HPC Ep 8 Is Tape Dead or Just Quiet?

In this podcast, the Radio Free HPC team takes a look at Amazon's new "Tape Killer" Glacier data archive offering. At just pennies per Gigabyte, will it make tape silos obsolete, or will Henry blow a gasket because that is simply inconceivable? Download the MP3 * Download the video * Subscribe on iTunes * RSS Feed