Monday, June 20, 2016

First Look at the #1 Sunway TaihuLight Supercomputer

In this podcast, Shahin Khan from OrionX joins the Radio Free HPC team for a look at the new TOP500 list of the world's fastest supercomputers.

As announced this morning at ISC 2016, the fastest supercomputer on the TOP500 is new Sunway TaihuLight System in Wuxi, China. Developed by the National Research Center of Parallel Computer Engineering & Technology (NRCPC), TaihuLight scored a whopping 93 Petaflops on the LINPACK benchmark. To put that in perspective, that is nearly three times faster than the previous #1 system, the Tianhe-2 supercomputer, which has moved to #2 after ruling the roost for some three years or so TaihuLight is also five times faster than Titan, the 17 Petaflop machine at ORNL, which is still the fastest machine in the USA.

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